Key Stage 1

  • To build up students’ basic competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To raise students’ phonological awareness for reading and spelling in language acquisition.
  • To scaffold students’ language development strategies.

Key Stage 2

  • To strengthen and develop students’ competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To further scaffold and foster students’ language development strategies.
  • To strengthen students’ self and peer assessment skills and self-reflection ability.
  • To make use of language arts to develop students’ creativity and imagination.

Key Stages 1 & 2

  • To provide great yet fun opportunities for students to use English in purposeful communication both within and beyond the classroom.
  • To adopt the learner-centred approach to cater for learners’ diversity.
  • To strengthen values education within and beyond classroom.
  • To nurture generic skills and develop confidence in expression, imagination and creativity.
  • To develop and enhance a self-directed learning habit.
  • To cultivate an interest in extensive reading and develop an active reading habit.

Distinguishing Features

  • ‘Brain-based Learning’ teaching strategy is used to enhance students’ engagement, motivation and learning effectiveness.
  • ‘Blended Learning’ approach is adopted to foster and develop students’ self-directed learning ability and habit.
  • An e-reading platform – Highlights Library is used to cultivate students’ habit of reading English books.
  • Reading Award Scheme – Reading Dinosaur is launched to motivate students’ to develop an active reading habit.
  • An ‘English-As-the Basis’ class is offered in P.4, P.5 and P.6 respectively.
  • A team of English Ambassadors led by the NETs to create and promote a language-rich learning environment.
  • English Day (every Tuesday) provides fun-filled, meaningful and educational activities to prompt students’ use of English in an interesting way.
  • Book Character Day (a yearly event) cultivates language-rich experience with positive attitudes, imagination, creativity and free expression.

NET Teachers



English Day



 ‘English-As-the-Basis’ class

















English Self Learning Website

  1. Super Why!

  2. Simple English News

  3. Watch TED-video

  4. British Council Learning English Online




Reading Award Scheme - Reading Dinosaur 2023

「喜閱恐龍 」- 英語閱讀獎勵計劃

To motivate students to read and cultivate an active reading habit among students, a 3-level reading award scheme has been launched since 2022.  Students are encouraged and rewarded to make use of both the e-reading platform (Highlights Library) and the school library resources.



1st Level – Dinosaur Egg


2nd Level – Baby Dinosaur
(Card + Toy Baby Dinosaur)


3rd Level – Dinosaur
(Card + A Special Gift)





Book Character Day

This yearly fun-filled event engages students and teachers in various activities such as Photo-taking Corner, Character Parade, Kahoot!, English Word Search and Board Games.  Students and teachers dress up as their own favourite book character and enjoy an enjoyable and unforgettable day.  On that day the whole school is filled with laughter and excitement.





1D 余芊滺

1E Iong Garrison Rondez 


4B 莫霣謠

4E 羅浚熹

4E 吳庭軒

P2 2E 何依晴  P5

5B 林霈旭

5D 李皓燃

5E 張嘉欣


3D 施允祈

3D 王振立


6E 潘珈揚



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然後於12月19日Book Character Day當天打扮成書中人物,回校參加各項遊樂活動。







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