• To build up students’ basic English competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To provide great opportunities for students to use English in purposeful communication both inside and outside class.
  • To adopt the learner-centered approach to cater for learners’ diversity.
  • To make use of language arts to develop students’ creativity and imagination.

Distinguishing Features:

  • ‘Brain-based Learning’ teaching strategy is used to increase students’ engagement in the lessons and improve their English proficiency.
  • Focused development of reading skills through reading workshops.
  • Implementation of Fun Reading Programme in P.1-2 to provide resources for weekly English reading.
  • Focused development of phonic skills in P.2 aims to equip students the necessary phonetic skills to read confidently.
  • English reading sessions are arranged on Thursday and Friday morning to cultivate students’ habit of reading English books.
  • Resourceful E-learning platforms are available to enhance students’ learning.
  • Fun-filled English activities are arranged by English ambassadors on English Day to prompt students’ use of English in an interesting way.

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